Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What happened when Ryan Star came to Zouk

The Star

Last Thursday, 16 Nov 2006 Ryan Star (Not the finalist but he's the fan favourite) came to Zouk as his first gig in his Asian Tour. That event was unforgettable maybe because its the first time I attended a special-and-exclusive-ticket-that-money-can't-buy-mini-concert and the first time I come so close to a star.. pun intended. At first we had a performance by Reshmonu and then all the Channel [V] vjs were there as well.. Sarah Tan, Dominic, Joey G, Maya Karin.. so it was really star studded.. Ryan Star played, I guess 6 songs and then the event ended around 10.30pm.. There were some PA problems but Ryan Star managed to pull it through and gave a stellar performance.

We were all satisfied.. cos his did give his all when he performed.. After the event we took photos with all the djs but don't really know where did Ryan Star went.. Anyway here are some photos that we took on that day..

Since we didn't get to shake hands with him, we grabbed his balls instead

Su Yen and me

Weiming, me, and Victor

Me, Sarah, and Victor

Me, Maya Karin, and Victor

Me talking to Sarah

Ryan Star's Grand Piano

His Gibson and Epiphone acoustic guitar and a Marshall amp

Reshmonu doing his stuff

Ryan: "At the back of my car.."

Sarah: "We'll pick the one who raise their hands first"

Vj Dom and Joey G

Ryan Star doing his stuff

Me and Siuyook


Victor and Me at the dance floor waiting for the show to start

Me and Victor outside waiting to get in

(l-r): Victor, SiuYook, Me and Weiming

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