Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chia Ling's Birthday at Da Haven

Da Heaven
Its been about three weeks since I've updated anything, not that I'm uberbusy or what, but I'm out of things to post d, haha. However, I was quite busy with some weekly assignments, group projects, Ogame (>.<), jamming, bla bla bla. Last night, we went to Bangsar to celebrate Chia Ling's birthday at a restaurant called Da Haven in Jalan Telawi 3. They sell sisha there and when we arrive we saw three persons sitting down at the front table facing out (that means we can see their faces). There were one girl and two guys and they were smoking sisha. Sisha is not drugs or something that can get you high, but the 3 guys definitely looked like they were damn stoned and started seeing things.. The girl who also looked high, wore a really short skirt and when I suddenly turn I saw her kangkang and I could see everything inside la! I asked victor to see after that, and about after5 minutes that she finally realized that she zhaogeng.. damn bodoh sial..

After that when everyone arrived; Chialing, Yi Chang, Rachel, Twin Twin, Siewli, Victor, Teresa and Me, we went upstairs. The place is really nice, cosy, good service, nice music (upon request), and food was extremely good. The only thing slack is that I don't really like to duduk bersial and eat.. hahaha.. but apart from that everything were really good last night. Here are some pictures!

Outside waiting to be seated

The view from inside

Our table

The beautiful birthday girl, Chia Ling

Me and Rachel

Me and Chia Ling

Me and Chia Ling again

Me, Siew Li and Rachel

Twin Twin, Yi Chang and Me

Siew Li and Rachel

The girls (l-r) Teresa, Chia Ling, Siew Li, Rachel

(l-r)Teresa, Siewli, Victor, Chia Ling, Rachel

Victor and I lepaking outside

Us playing cards

The same thing

Group Pic (l-r) Me, Vic, Siew Li, Chialing, Rachel, Teresa, Twin Twin, and Yi Chang

Then came our food, which were heavenly! I had macaroni chicken, Victor had Pineapple fried rice, Yi Chang had Green Curry Beef, Rachel had Tomyam, Siewli had Green Curry Chicken and Tomyam, Teresa had Green Curry too, twin Twin had some fried rice, and Chialing had some glass noodle (I cant remember everything!) Here are the pics!

Green curry

The Fried Rice

The macaroni Chicken

The Tomyam

The pineapple fried rice

The glass noodle thingy

Then there was this:

Chia Ling eating

Me tied up with a ribbon!

The same thing >.<

When we're about to leave

Thanks Chia Ling for calling me along last night. The place and the food was great. Had lots of fun! :)


Blogger Rabbit said...

WA.... a lot of pretty hot chick!! how come u nvr smile when u were taking photo? :P

8:57 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

cos i don like to smile lah.. haha.. alot of hot chick lehh.. hohoho.. my classmates.. i got braces la don like to show.. haha

11:54 PM  
Blogger Radicalz said...

awww~~ kena tie ribbon.. :P

7:49 AM  
Blogger SuYen said...

oooo~~~ sexy birthday girl~! :P too bad i wasnt there!!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous burtday gurl said...

hah yeah, the ribbon part wuz the best wey! haha... THANKS for comin and aso being tied lolz

8:56 AM  

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