Monday, December 18, 2006

Dad's 55th Birthday :D

ok, its not that I'm super free or got nothing to do here.. just that I'm quite stressed and loaded with assignments but I just need to blog.. haha.. I'm just trying to relax awhile.. i'm devastated by the workloads and pressure that I'm facing, so cut me some slack.. I don't need people come up to me saying "hey so free can blog ah?" Its just that if I make someone laugh it makes me happier haha.. cos I seldom make people laugh cos my jokes damn fucking lame and only I laugh at my own joke.. :D

Last Saturday was filled will joy, fun and laziness.. It was dad's birthday dinner, Vijay's birthday party, Pui pui's party (that I couldn't make it), my dad's friend's open house, bla bla bla..
We had dinner in Beizhan plus some camwhoring session la.. as usual la.. here's some pic

My sis said that when I'm 50 I'll look like that :D by the way thats my dad.

Dad's bday in 2004: When I had a girlfriend

2006 Dad's bday: When I have no girlfriend

Me my sis and dad

After that, I went to Vijay's party in Mata Kuching, where the melaka gang asked vijay to sit on our lips while we, well you know what we were trying to do.. :D (oh tim was doing something else, he was trying to lick vijay)

Tim giving Vijay a present.. A Black Shampoo XD~

Then there was monopoly session in Gary's house. He said we could shout at his house and his parents wouldnt even hear us. We play a game of cards then moved on to monopoly and I pwnt all of then! Hwahaha! Then there was this.. the 1st day of my arm wrestling season..
(Please click to see larger pic) First round

(Please click to view larger pic) Round two
The Verdict:
1st round: Jules (loser) v Siuyook(winner)
2nd round: Jules (loser) v Nic (winner)

After pawning me: Siuyook: ( >.< )
Nic: "Biasa la.."

Thats the summary of my Saturday spent in Mlk.. :D glad i went back and enjoy a bit :P


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