Thursday, December 14, 2006

Teens Choice Awards in Malaysia........................On Channel [V]

I just have to blog about this.. Teen Choice Awards is always not as boring as other awards shows! haha.. Anyway it will be shown on Saturday on channel [V] so I'm so keen to catch it on TV since I'll be home! (Can't wait for the Ryan Star gig on TV either!) haha.. This time Dane Cook will be hosting the show and Jessica Simpson (I don't think i need to introduce who this is, right?) will be his cohost.

Anyway the hot Jessica Alba was there, Jojo the 13 year old girl who sounds like she's 31 was also there, wilmer valderama from that 70's show, desperate housewife Eva Longoria.. many more.. I'll be thrilled to see nominated movies She's the Man getaway and Pirates of Carribean with awards, and last but not least my all time (and all my friends') favourite show, Family Guy! Thats the funniest show after simpsons and futurama! Anyway here are some pics for the awards show:

If only someday I'll get to go to one of these awards show.. haha..

The hosts: Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson


Mischa Barton

Wilmer with his Nike Dunk Lo and the hotter Jessica >.<