Saturday, December 09, 2006

movie reviews

I have just returned from watching a movie with my man, Siuyook in IOI mall.. we could have gone to Sunway pyramid or Midvalley but we really wanted to save time and catch that movie...It was....(ok you can laugh before you continue reading) CICAKMAN! I woke up at 11am and I nudged siyook as soon as I sat down in front of my comp.. I told him:

Yday's conversation:

lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:09 AM): jom la tmr cicakman la
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:13 AM): i cannot tahan d
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:15 AM): what time?
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:16 AM): i also sial!
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:20 AM): daytime la..
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:20 AM): ajak ppl la
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:21 AM): if can
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:22 AM): me and u
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:24 AM): i du mind la
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:28 AM): i also dun mind la
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:28 AM): sked u feel honry
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:32 AM): fucker
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:32 AM): cos thai chick is too hot
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:36 AM): i sked u feel horny only sial..
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:25:39 AM): cos im cicakman!
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:45 AM): rofl!
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:25:47 AM): fucka
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:26:01 AM): jom tmr we go makan then strait watch movie la
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:26:02 AM): how?
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:26:13 AM): i dun mind!
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:26:15 AM): w00t
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:26:23 AM): ish saya pun tak tau apasal aku bole dapat power yang power giler sial!
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:26:25 AM): b4 masuk
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:26:28 AM): must makan strpsil
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:26:33 AM): hahahaha
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:26:34 AM): ya ballz
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:26:36 AM): sked luff until sorethroat
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:26:41 AM): laugh until sorethroat sial
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:26:52 AM): haha
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:26:59 AM): too bad ah yang not around
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:27:11 AM): he wanna layan cicakman meh?
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:27:12 AM): well, i sked he dun like the show btw
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:27:16 AM): thats y
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:27:17 AM): i dun think so
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:27:19 AM): nvm
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:27:22 AM): tmr we both watch
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:27:25 AM): ok!
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:27:31 AM): cun la
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:27:41 AM): afternoon or smth la
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:28:27 AM): cun
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang (12/10/2006 1:28:30 AM): i sure on
Julian Chow (12/10/2006 1:28:46 AM): oraits!

Today's conversation..

Julian Chow: wake up d?
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: yeah
Julian Chow: what time wanna go?
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: now
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: jom
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: haha
Julian Chow: now?
Julian Chow: u wanna watch kat mana?
Julian Chow: check the cicakman today got what time?
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: ur suggestion?
Julian Chow: if wan near i don mind IOI mall la
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: ooh
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: ok
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: if not, sunway lo
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: haha
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: CICAK-MAN (U) Mly
12:40PM 2:50PM 5:00PM 7:10PM 9:20PM
Julian Chow: jom
Julian Chow: 12.40 d la
Julian Chow: don care d jom!
Julian Chow: we go buy ticket then if got time only go makan la
Julian Chow: cicakman more important than food
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: okie!!!
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: i go mandi now
Julian Chow: i also
Julian Chow: u wanna blah d buzz me i ok d
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: yeah
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: i wanan go down d
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: lets cicakman
Julian Chow: jom!
Julian Chow: my earing?
Julian Chow: jumpa tak?
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: wait
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: i call ah yang first
Julian Chow: okok
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: i cannot get him
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: and i dunno where he put
lacitpeks_lacitpeks chun liang: i go to my car first
Julian Chow: oklah
Julian Chow: see u at roundabout

So right after that we didn't hesitate anymore and rushed to the cinema.. when we reached it was about 12.25pm and we were not really familiar with IOI mall.. cos no one ever really lepaks there anyway.. except for people who really have stuff to buy there.. We bought the ticket, and I could assure you outside the cinema, me and siuyook were the only chinese guys there.. Its either they are watching Cicakman with us (which I think all of them were, cos the ticket that everyone bought was cinema 5, the one that we're in..) or they are watching ZOMBI KAMPUNG PISANG (another lame low budget movie).

We wanted to buy snacks and drinks before getting into the movie, but like I said.. cicakman was more important than anything and we're gonna be late and the queue is still so fucking long.. So I told siuyook.. jomla we got no time for all this anymore! then when we gave our tickets then we saw one snack counter inside.. So i thought maybe we could buy some snack,.. then from the person's back, I called 'Bang, boleh bagi mineral water satu?' then the person turned around and.. she's actually a kak! she freaking look like a guy man.. but voice girl.. and from the front u can identify that she's a girl la.. haha..

Moving on.. the trailers in the movie all fucking lame malay shows la (I'm not being unpatriotic but I guess some local movies are really not worth watching at all la.. I'm saying this as an honest proud malaysian, Victor). Then start la the movie. I think that Yusri and the main girl gave a stellar performance, but the villains and the main hero (Gingermen and cicakman respectively) rosakkan the movie only la.. seriously they could have been better if they didn't exagerate their acting.. especially the way the talk.. The storyline to me was ok.. because although the action scenes were quite lame, other scenes, like sad and romantic scenes are really quite ok.. Aznil did quite a great job as the supervillain..

Cicakman is very ugly and looks disgusting but certain parts are really funny,.. ginger boys are super duper lame and stupid and annoying. This movie is all about clonning by the bad professor played by Aznil and in the end of the movie he cloned a black cicakman.. a cicakman who speaks cantonese.. haha its damn funny.. and all the clones were cetak rompak, so they macam vcd ciplak la.. talk half way then hang kei! haha seriously damn bodoh!. and cicakman is afraid of rubber band cos people normally use rubber band to kill cicaks at home..

Overall.. after watching the movie siuyook and I kena PSTD cos too stress and tension and too many lawak bodoh yang bodoh tahap bodoh yang tak terhingga.

Out of 5 star I give 1/2 star only. Its better than watching paint dry though.. but its really ok if you don't mind the ugly suit and the ginger boys.. then its a movie that i suppose anyone can handle.

I guess no one knows what is PSTD so I'll paste the definition from wikipedia:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a term for certain psychological consequences of exposure to, or confrontation with, stressful experiences that the person experiences as highly traumatic. [1] The experience must involve actual or threatened death, serious physical injury, or a threat to physical and/or psychological integrity. It is occasionally called post-traumatic stress reaction to emphasize that it is a routine result of traumatic experience rather than a manifestation of a pre-existing psychological weakness on the part of the patient.

surprisingly, cicakman (chee-chuck-man) is so famous that when I typed its name in wikipedia, i get a search result.. amazing..

I came back to cyberjaya with a broken heart and dissatisfied state of mind.


On Friday night, me siuyook and yang went to pyramid to catch the movie The Host, a Korean movie about an ugly monster. From the trailer it seemed serious, but the fact is.. it is almost a comedy. Not as bad as cicakman, I give the movie 3 stars out of 5.. The host is about a monster that appeared mysteriously in south korea for no reasons and for some obvious reasons, it feeds on human. the cg was quite cool, the monster looked kinda real,.. but the movie just lacked substance (from the actors and some scenes are quite lame). The little girl who got captured by the monster portrayed her character beautifully... the kids who acted in the movie gave really got performance.. The 4 main characters did a so-so only job on delivering their parts, and most of them performed well during scenes that are funny.

For the plot of the movie click this link:
Surprisingly this movie made it in korea as the best movie at the moment.. Perhaps cos of the CG..

Watching the host was the result of failure to convince yang that cicakman was a better movie compared to the host.. Good thing he didn't watch the movie.. :)


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hahahaha... farnee wei the way u write.. i enjoy reading ur post.. =)

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hehe glad to hear that~
hey are u chua sue ann or koh sue ann ah? hehe im alittle confused..

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damm bad la u.. panggil a kak, bang pulak.. :P

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Anonymous sue-n said...

haha...csa here... =)

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