Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy new year 2007!

i can't believe it! its been 357 days already! it happens like that the same way it happens every year.. when this feeling of new year coming.. i just can't stop feeling "hey next year is just around the corner, means that chinese new year also near, can take ang pao d la!" haha CNY has always been the celebration that i love most, much more than my own birthday probably because I don always celebrate my birthday and that I always only get 1 or 2 presents and my parents don't remember the date sometimes and probably because I don't remember theirs too.. haha..

Hmm.. one year means that I'm getting close to graduation.. You know, Siuyook asked me "hey what's that one thing you wanna do before you leave MMU on the last day of exam?" I was kinda speechless cos I haven't found anything crazy to do yet.. (or probably because there's nothing crazy that I could do than taking lotsa photos.. :D) Anyway it just felt so short, cos it was like 3 days and 4 hours ago when I was still in my 1st year in Cyberjaya (Anyway, I just hate it when people say: "HEY CYBERJAYA IS DAMN BORING RIGHT? NOTHING TO DO ONE?". If you don't have friends then your life fucking boring la,.. it has never been the place that made your life bored!) ok i just love to curse people who don't think like I do. So fuck you. Anyway, the years felt so short, you know its the kind of funny feeling you feel, when you don't wanna leave MMU cos you feel 'sayang' wanna leave the place, but at the same time you don't wanna stay and see all your friends graduate and you have to do another year.. So its kinda like you just wanna leave but feel that you have to appreciate every day you have more to spend it here.. You know its always the saddest to leave uni than to leave secondary or primary school.. cos you're friends are all from your hometown.. but in uni, everyone is so scattered... Malaysia ain't big, but you can't travel to every state to see your friends despite the fact that probably we'll all meet in and work in KL again.. But its always different, its the time of the year you have to start a new life and find new friends again.. anyway that's just life I'd say.

Ok waking up to a 23 Dec morning I feel so I dunno how to explain, every student has already done their assignment and everyone is celebrating Christmas but I have to stay back to do some blardy assignment and I'm still fucking broke and I promised to pay someone but I didn't and I don't have a plan for Christmas (and to think about it, its been a year that I've been single, Last year I spend my christmas with my roomate and his GF). And I had to wake up to fungus-covered-bread, and so I had to eat some biscuits I got for free when I went for blood donation not too long ago. I checked my bucket of rice that I haven't touch for months.. haha and its so full with some small insects and their fucking useless friends and families, and my ginger and garlic which I don't fucking know fucking why they turn black and smelly, and there's only one blunt knife that I use to cut everything haha.

Overall every year has been great to me, including 2006. Just one thing I hate about going to a new year is that, its the time when you have to write down the date and you still can't break the habit of writing 2006 (haha) until like maybe March that you'll finally stop writing 2006 and start writing 2007. The new year also means that you have to fulfill things that will never happen like "I'm going to be hardworking and not miss any class and will not do last minute work" It just seems that that will never happen right? haha.. I've promised myself that I'll study everytime the lecturer uploads the notes.. but until now? oh fuck me anyway.. Its been a great year of achievements and dissapointments but all in all, I know I didn't waste my whole year with nothing to be happy and proud about :D


Suyen, Chialing, Weiloong, Chinkuang, and Leeping's birthday bash @ Iguana Bar, Bangsar

Last Wednesday, we celebrated 5 friend's birthday in bangsar, and by far, its the greatest party ever, cos I have never been to a fancy party like that :) retro party! I was loaded with really heavy assignments but I still went cos I'm proud to say I'm invited :D Thanks for inviting me!
Here are some photos that I've got! Oh thanks Victor for your grandfather's funky cap! Lenard say that cap can be sold for at least RM120 if it was put up in topshop :D

The pimps and the birthday girls: Suyen, Victor, Leeping, me and Chialing

That 70's cop show, Miami Vice :D

Disco King, The Pringles Guy, Some Detective, Rachel, Chialing and Teresa

Me and Victor

Me, Victor, Lenard and Steven

Da Group
(Me, Victor, Kenny Peh, Chin Kuang, Yi Chang, Teresa, Rachel, Chialing, Wailin, Weiloong and June

Suyen's happy family

The birthday boy, the birthday girl, the birthday girl, the birthday girl and the birthday boy
(l-r) Weiloong, Leeping, Suyen, Chialing, Chinkuang

Victor and Me

Suyen's got no bone

Suyen, Chialing, Victor, Rachel and Me

Me poser like mad

The party was superb, and to all of yous that weren't there, all drinks freeflow, so u can be drunk and mad all night haha.. I didn't drink much cos I can't so I mostly ordered Coke (such a loser ah? haha) o yeah and plain water.. :D Greatest party ever.!


Anonymous zongz said...

coke is the best drink there imho...
lucky u :))

3:03 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

:D hHahaha
cheers DUDE!

1:01 AM  

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