Monday, August 21, 2006


As a housemate to two Dota freaks.. I can tell you a myriad of things about that damn game man. Although I admit.. I have never been a good dota player although I've started playing it once in awhile since 1-2 years ago.. Until now if I play, strangers will call me noob and friends will keep quiet only (cos they know I'm a noob already). But I swear to god! I will never fucking be a Dota freak or any other game freak cos I've got a life.. Dota can destroy your life, your dream..! The 15 year old kid in blueserver wanted to be a fucking scientist, gets straight As in his exams,.. now a failure cos every night play dota.. not say study! if go out lepak and yam cha and smoke some weed also better than playing Dota!. Im fucking glad im not a dota freak but I do no know how it feels to be captured by the Blueserver (BS is a syndicate in which it is currently using games to brainwash and figuratively 'kidnap' them.. now they are still in the stage of 'euphoria' (they are still happy and will go on as normal but soon.. everyone will listen to blueserver as BS is planning on a world domination! look how many followers (or should I say how much followers) it has now!

Let's us all stop this horrendous plan to dominate our beautiful and peaceful world!.. Here are signs that you should be able to identify that your friends are dota freaks..

- they have really really bad english. probably they are still trying to learn english or they are just plain stupid. as the popular phrase goes, "my england very bad wan"
- they like to swear. the most popular word is "cibai", short form being "cb". another famous phrase is "defend la cibai".
- when their hero dies, it's never their fault. it's always about other players. "mahai, why that fella standing there wan. come help ma. make me die only".
- noobs are certainly not allowed to play DOTA unless there's a game stated otherwise. a noob will always be showered with profanities. u might even learn a new word. a message to all those 'pros', YOU were a noob once too.
- the DOTA freaks have absolutely no life at all. they can brag all they want about getting godlike all the time but truth is, you are just another lame mofo.

i'm glad that i'm a noob in this game. for all u DOTA players out there, if you do any of the things mentioned, you have no life. just a disclaimer for this blog, it is intended to be a place where we fuck around with our reviews. if you feel offended, then fuck off.

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