Saturday, August 19, 2006

Karaoke Session

Galaxy KTV made me laugh all day.. haha.. My housemate forced me to wake up from my sleep this morning to get ready for KTV.. so I was kinda blur at that time.. but nevertheless, I woke up cos I didn't have much to do for today.. Plus its really cheap to go in the morning from 11-2 because the price is cheap.. We went in a group of 5 and we paid RM11.50 per head. The karaoke is situated in Puchong and the price included a set lunch, and free buffet and we sang for 3 hours.

Well I can say that KTV lounges mostly are visited by the chinese and most of the songs are chinese songs. All of us who went are 'bananas' so we had to sing anything but chinese songs although there were a few songs that all of us can sing to in chinese.. So here is the list of songs that we sing in that session:

1. Jordan Chan - ºëªö§¹µ²½g
2. Jay Chou n Landy - Roof top
3. Aladdin OST - A whole new world
4. Some Thai song - Hula Hula
5. Shah Rukh Khan - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
6. Another Thai song - Can't remember the title
7. Anuar Zain - Keabadian Cinta
8. Bon Jovi - It's my life
9. Beyond - Hoi Foot Tin Hong
10. Anuar Zain - Bila Resah
11. XPDC - forgot the title but definitely a Rempet's song
12. Ronald Cheng - Mou lai
13. Repeated Thai Songs
14. Beyond - Pat choi yau yu
15. Leo Ku - A song that lasted for 10 MINUTES!

Last but not least.....

16. SEARCH!!! - ISABELLA!!!!

Gempak Giler wei...!

p/s: All the English songs got stupid lame video clips. Its My Life's video turned out to be about a Caucasian guy and girl walking around a bridge and windmill looking so lovey dovey while Hoobastank's video clip is about the same thing but this time its a Latino couple cycling around a lake.. Damn cheap wei.. But the food was good, cheap but its worth it.


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