Monday, August 21, 2006

Durian Rules

Its almost the end of the durian season again.. so sad.. Durian is so tasty that I could eat them as dinner everyday! But its the season that makes it so special and for everyone to be so eager for it. But its even more special cos this durian season is the first season that I go out and hunt for durian sellers with my close friends and savour the fruit at the stall it self. We went hunting for durian sellers since the past week in serdang and we found ourselves quite a deal although its quite over priced around here in Serdang. Ohh nevertheless its all good.. the best part is to share it with your friends. Tonight, we went for a session of heavy durian eating at our first stop a malay stall which we thought he was trying to cheat us.. 2 fucking durians for 15 bucks.. he said every stall would sell it at the same price.. But in the end we did pay 15 bucks for 2 small durians which were quite tasty.. the guy claimed the 2 durians to be 'musang king'.. Musang king is a durian breed which is quite expensive here. So we left the stall and went to a pasar borong in the same area and found a stall which offered us quite a good deal. We had 3 kampung durians and 3 D24 durians for just RM20.. indeed we got cheated earlier.. but later on the owner of this stall told us he will be selling a new breed of durian, 1kg for RM10 or smth like that and he said it is the 'musang king'.. so afterall we're half cheated (we can't tell what durian it is anyway!!). But the durians we ate were all superb.. Here.. I would like to share another story on durian sellers...One thing about these durian sellers are that they are all perverts.. they can relate girls to durian... Its like they can make up a great metaphor using fruits... the first one we came across was when this guy was trying to cut a durian so after cutting it he said 'waaa.. ini manyak bagus mah.. longkang begitu besar... dalam dalam ohhh... macam ah moi punya la...' then he went and chose another durian for us and said 'ini pun manyak bagus la... dia punya isi ahh sangat lembut.. banyak air... macam itu ah moi la.. kering kering mana ada baik... Damn perverted sial... Then today's seller is a typical ah beng... With me was 4 guys and a girl... and he is the epitome of all ah bengs man... damn desperate for girls... keep kacau our friend... and he even asked for her number... I mean.. he was damn crude and bengki ler... in the end my friend gave him a wrong number la... so he didnt score at all haha.... This reminds me of an incident that I experienced quite some time ago when I was in Banting.. we're acting in a video clip for a few FCM guys and suddenly a group of ah bengs came to give us nth but trouble.. well they just wanted to know the leading lady in the video clip but ended up fighting with our cameraman.. so the pokok of the story is... ah beng damn dangerous.. never ever cari pasal with ah bengs cos they damn scary ballz! haha ending damn tak kena cos i got nothing to write..


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